About Us


Sea Lord Entertainment is India’s No.1 growing International Modeling Agency and Event Management Company. Our aim is to offer various platforms to the Fresher’s and Passionate Models to create their name in the Fashion and Film Industry. Sea Lord Entertainment is known for having to endeavor the best talents and nurturing of every individual represented. It is a saying that “a well-dressed man gets the name of a gentleman” and “a well-groomed girl gets the name of a lady”. It is very well true as we believe in these sayings and tries and grooms the aspiring male and female models in such a way that you become a renowned name in Fashion and Film industry.


We support the communities in which we operate and act consciously every day to keep ourselves and our team safe.


We at Sea Lord Entertainment are very passionate to create different weddings concepts, believe in brand activation as the best exercise to increase the monetary growth of the company. Our passion has to lead to the next level of what we provide a path to youngsters in Bollywood Movies.

We are focused on 5 important strategic priorities:

  • Innovative content that cuts across geographies and client demographics
  • Executing avant-garde Technique to make an event memorable.
  • Highest growth opportunities and options for our candidates.
  • Delivering World Class Standards.
  • Believing in the Uniqueness of Ones.

We also specialize in Print Ad Shoots, Short Films, Dramas, Modeling Portfolios and Concept Shoots with or without models, Music albums and Theatre. leo.


We aim to provide our clients with the best event experiences from beginning to the end with creativity, full of emotions, fast and quality delivery. Sea Lord Entertainment responsibility is to continually deliver its work and improve all aspects of the world in which we perform – environment, social, e We aim to provide our clients with the best event experiences from beginning to the end with creativity, full of emotio conomic – making a superior world than today. Our vision is put enthusiastically through projects and an attention on natural stewardship exercises to benefit society.


Price Money Upto 10 LAC