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The most precious money in our industry today is the audience's time, and they know exactly how they want to trade it. It is thus no longer sufficient to just generate interest in the film. To compete for their attention, we must provide them a compelling incentive to go to the cinema and see our films.
We appreciate and recognise this audience behaviour as members of the SEA LORD ENTERTAINMENT marketing team, and we have always worked to be at the forefront of content marketing. Every film and talent is distinct from the others. One of the most difficult duties that the team enjoys and takes pleasure in is positioning and marketing each one to its target audience. The team creates and delivers the whole marketing mix, which includes product positioning, communication, innovation, and channel-specific propositions, using various marketing and business technologies.
The SEA LORDS marketing team is a diverse group. A group of people with backgrounds in marketing, creative, media, business, technology, analytics, and finance. Everyone is striving towards the same objective. Maintaining the focus on the audience.


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The entertainment sector, in particular, is a competitive one. Other television stations, YouTube influencers, social media material, online binge programmes, podcasts, and so much more compete for a user's attention.

Users are increasingly seeking an immersive experience, which entails material that completely engrosses them.

Even if you're watching or listening from home, anything that seems like a "event" has a better chance of raising views, listens, or other sorts of engagement. This is why you'll frequently see advertisements that say things like "Event the live finale on Sunday" or "This most dramatic experience in Bachelor history."

It's worth doing whenever there's an opportunity to include the audience in the experience.

Video Marketing - A Key Priority​

We utilise video marketing as a social media tool since it produces 12x more shares than photographs or text.

We're working on a podcast and making sure we're leveraging video on social media to keep people interested.

We aim to keep our social media and website material interesting.

Promote Transparency & Ethical Practices​

Businesses that are open, real, and make ethical judgments on a regular basis can quickly acquire favour with viewers.

While providing amazing content is always the priority and what matters most, being recognised as a wonderful team to work with may help with public perception.

Trust is more vital than ever before for publications in the media sector, especially in these turbulent times when false news is regularly spread on social media and consumers struggle to distinguish between facts, rumours, and outright lies. Focusing on openness and ethical principles, such as sourcing our content carefully and outlining our fact-checking policies.

This goes a long way toward building trust. We concentrate on presenting the information that your audience is most interested in.

Audience Engagement

An independent film's distribution outside of its country of origin is facilitated by a good foreign sales agency. The film will be branded for overseas markets, regions, and all media by an international sales agent (including theatrical,home video, VOD, cable, TV and other ancillary media).

An international sales agent looks for distribution contracts for a film in development or pre-production in certain areas, generally with the correct package of script and attachments. The sales agency will submit the screenplay, along with preliminary market materials or film of scenes, to distribution partners with a quality script, bankable cast, director, and a marketable genre.

Because sales agents often make offers based on the value they feel they can get for the film, a sales agency should be able to provide a producer an estimate of the film's expected worth before bringing it to market. When to pre-sell and when to wait to see the finished film will be determined by the sales agent. ​


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