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From theatrical exploitation of films, the offices effectively handle marketing & distribution of all home entertainment and music products released on the SEA LORD label in select regions.

A constant exercise is underway to explore new territories for Indian films as well as new avenues of exploiting ancillary revenue streams from the huge catalogue of films.

International Film Festivals all over the world see a frequent participation by the SEA LORD representatives, not only to give their films a wider audience, but to interact with global industry leaders and to forever reinvent strategies.

Pre-sale Financing

Before or during production, we go to various distributors for commitments to distribute the film after it is made. To work effectively, such commitments include advances or minimum guarantees which may cover all or some of the film’s production and post-production costs. This is known as “pre-sale financing.”

The distributor either
(1) pays a cash advance upon signing of the agreement or in multiple installments over the course of production,
(2) guarantees to pay that advance upon completion and delivery of the film (and the minimum guarantee is used as collateral for a production loan),
(3) pays a share of the distribution revenues, or
(4) in limited cases, pays a flat buy-out fee.

International Sales Agents

A good international sales agent is the conduit to the distribution of an indie film outside of its country of origin. An international sales agent will brand the film to the foreign markets, territories and all media (including theatrical, home video, VOD, cable, TV and other ancillary media).

An international sales agent seeks distribution commitments for particular territories for a film that is in development or pre-production, usually with the right package of script and attachments. A strong script, bankable cast, director and a marketable genre, the sales agent will send the script along with preliminary market materials or footage of scenes to distribution partners.

Since sales agents usually make their offers based on the value they believe they can realize for the film, a sales agent should be able to provide a producer with some sense of the estimated value of the film before they bring it to the marketplace.The sales agent will know when to pre-sell and when to wait to screen the completed film.

New Media/VOD Distribution

New media (such as Internet, mobile and over-the-top (OTT) devices), cable and satellite generate significant revenues. Due to the increasing penetration of smart phone subscriptions, availability of high-speed data connectivity, and the rise of the 4G connectivity across major developing markets, the VOD market is the fastest growing area of distribution around the world.

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