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One of the reputable foundations in Delhi, India that has been in existence since 2018 is the DurDharsha Sea Lord Foundation. It is the top non-profit organization in India that can be useful for advancing national development. Our goal is to work toward the "well-being" of the people as our only goal. In the decaying state of the poor, destitute, or disadvantaged segments of society, we strive to accomplish the goal of social improvement. In order to close the gap between the reach and the requirement, we have been serving as a bridge.

We have been outstretched into numerous social concerns and have been functioning in the same direction incessantly. Likewise, we have started various campaigns, programs, drives etc to uproot the myriad of social concerns like unemployment, medical issues, education facilities etc in our society.

 Our one of main campaigns is "Rojgaar Creators" which emphasizes on providing employment opportunities to various proficient job aspirants. We help to set up the matches of suitable candidates for the required jobs based on their talents, skills, knowledge and qualifications. Further, we also provide job positions to work in our own foundation.

 Another such program is "Sea Lord medical research and sciences" which is a step taken towards 'swastha bharat'. We aim to provide all the medical facilities to those who can't afford the high budget of multi-specialty hospitals at a much cheaper cost.

 DSLF is operational in "CSR (Corporate social responsibility) projects" as well. Under such projects, we provide our assistance to a company to be economically secure by minimizing its negative effects on the environment and act in conformity with societal expectations.

 "Sea Lord NGO Army" is one of the volunteer-ship programs to make a team of people who willingly want to lend a helping hand for the betterment of society. We humbly welcome all the volunteers of the age group of 14 - 45 years to come forward to help those who are in need or seeking any support from us.

 "Hum Aapke Saath Hain" is one of the most important objectives of DSLF which focuses on social as well as personal enhancement of the people. We happily lend a helping hand to provide help to all orphans, poor people, old people, the unemployed and the underprivileged sections for their bright future. Under this provision, we don't just help them financially, but we also provide them with mental, emotional, legal, physical, employment opportunities, education facilities as well as medical support. Durdarsha Sea Lord foundation is an NGO which is concerned to help people on a massive scale for long terms. We are focused on alleviating all social issues and providing proper reformation to all such problems. Hence, we are actively working in the direction of welfare of not just an individual but the whole society.

We Support Child Education​

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The Children Education Allowance (CEA) and Hostel Subsidy (HS) are paid to Central Government employees to take care of school ​

We Support Girl Child​

dhurdhasha sea lord foundation

We Support Girl Child, and Promote Women Empowerment​

Pool Of Diversity In Work​

dhurdhasha sea lord foundation

Creating the pool of diversity in work to provide employment generation not only in India also globally​

Shelter Making​

dhurdhasha sea lord foundation

Build the homes for The Homeless, Shelter Making - You Work with Us, We will work for them, Building a Better World.

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