Sound Recording Course

🎬 Join in This 3-Month Sound Recordings Program and Explore the Universe of Sounds! 🎧 Do you find the enchantment of sound in movies to be amazing? With this compelling 3-month course, which aims to completely train you in the complex process of capturing audio for the movie industry, dive in the art of audio recordings. Our course offers a hands-on classroom for the foundations of sound recording, delivered by experienced industry experts with years of knowledge. Our curriculum is designed to meet you where you are at in terms of ability and to help you become competent, regardless of your degree of experience.

The Comprehensive acting course curriculum fosters creativity and teaches learners to important performing methods and styles, laying the groundwork for full–time professional training.

Acting Curriculum

  • Learn the technical aspects of sound recording equipment and techniques.
  • Explore the principles of sound design and how it enhances storytelling.
  • Gain practical experience in capturing clean and high-quality audio on set.
  • Dive into post-production processes such as editing, mixing, and mastering.
  • Collaborate with fellow students on real-world projects to apply your newfound skills.

Sound recording Course Benefits

  • The Comprehensive film acting course program preps students to seek

    Sound recording

    opportunities in documentaries, ads and theatre.

Qualification for  Classes

  • Applicant should have cleared primary school

 Course Duration

  •  3 Months