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SEA LORD has opened a state-of-the-art, fully operational studio. This unique three-sound stage studio is the only air-conditioned, completely soundproof studio in all of India. The state-of-the-art equipment for audio recording and post-production can be found in the Audio Wing. The studios have the least amount of air conditioning and ambient noise, are built to international standards, and have the right amount of reverberation time. Film and multimedia producers have access to the greatest and most modern skills and resources accessible. The studio also has an advanced technologically equipped gymnasium available to artists and senior technicians. The studios prioritize client satisfaction, convenience, and customer service.

Professional Studios On Rent ​

sea lord entertainment / film production

Professional Studios on Rent For Photo-shoot and Content Production

Professional Cinematography Team ​

sea lord entertainment / film production

Professional Cinematography Team and D O P, Handled Projects in Various Verticals like Web series, Feature Films

Industry Best In Class Post And Pre Production​

We have the Industry Best in Class Post and Pre Production - Team from the Industry.

Multiple Location And Complete Project Handling​

Shooting Locations are the one of the best and Most Important Part of The Finance but also the Compelte Project Marketing also, We do take care of the Multiple Location and Complete Project Handling of the same.

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