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Beauty Pageant

Beauty Pageant: Mr. & Miss India Icon 2018 - If you aspire to be a MODEL/ACTOR, you can achieve it. Sea Lord Entertainment offers a unique blend of glamour and elegance, breaking away from traditional pageantry norms, available nationwide.

sea lord entertainment

celebrity management

MANAGEMENT OF CELEBRITIES - We ensure the best rates for any celebrity. Our stars are arranged based on budget, whether from TV, movies, music, or sports, catering to events of any scale.

Modelling Photoshoot

Sea Lord Entertainment excels in developing profiles to showcase to various modelling agencies in India and around the world. Photoshoots are essential for success in the Bollywood industry.

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model/Actor casting

Sea Lord Entertainment is a full-service talent organization representing models, actors and kids. Sea Lord Entertainment offers a personal, hands-on approach to our talent, which brings amazing growth..

Production Sets

Sea Lord Entertainment is a leading production company that generates diverse concepts for films, movies, and various settings based on client needs. Sea Lord Entertainment understands...

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Best Acting Courses

Classes at Sea Lord Entertainment Acting Academy are conducted by experienced faculty who passionately impart the craft through practical and theoretical sessions, exercises, and extensively filmed practicals.

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The Classes at Sea Lord Entertainment Acting Academy are conducted by competent faculty who passionately teach the craft to practical , theory classes , exercises and extensively filmed practical in addition.

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