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Online Acting Course

ICE online Acting course is a rich blend of Online as well as Offline Mode which gives the true essence of being in a Virtual Classroom. All the Topics covered in a way that can be learned by home Practice and rehearsal.

This Course Covers:

Online Film Making Course

We provide power-packed film making training training using innovative technology with the help of our Research & Development team who has created Courseware. Our Preferred Partner Several Media Giants like Balaji, Reliance, etc have declared us as “Preferred Partner” We have achieved International Certification on Quality Standards.

Our academic Council consists of Industry Veteran – Mr. Jeetandra Kapoor who has ruled Bollywood & Queen of Television Industry – Ms. Ekta Kapoor.

This Course Covers:


Engaging live lessons will help you to visualize and the concepts will make you understand easier. These LIVE lessons are designed to create a healthy peer learning environment and promote student interaction. LIVE In-Class makes learning fun and the Real-Time confidence to perform at the same moment.

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