Ad Film Making Course

🎬 Create Captivating Campaigns: Join Our 3-Month Ad Film Making Course! 📽️ Are you ready to make an impact with your creativity? Dive into the world of ad film making with our dynamic 3-month course designed to unleash your imagination and hone your skills in crafting compelling commercials. Led by industry veterans with a passion for advertising, our course offers a hands-on approach to mastering the art of ad film making. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, our curriculum is tailored to empower you with the knowledge and techniques needed to excel in the fast-paced world of advertising.


Course Curriculum

  • Learn the principles of effective storytelling and brand messaging.
  • Explore the technical aspects of shooting, lighting, and editing specifically for advertisements.
  • Gain insights into market research, target audience analysis, and campaign strategy.
  • Collaborate with fellow creatives to brainstorm ideas and bring concepts to life.
  • Receive personalized feedback and guidance from experienced mentors.

Course Benefits

  • The Comprehensive film acting course program preps students to seek  opportunities in documentaries, ads and theatre.

Qualification for Classes

  • Applicant should have cleared primary school

 Course Duration

  • Full Time: 3 Months