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The licencing branch of SEA LORDS is tasked with preserving its extensive repertoire under the Copyright Act and monetizing material by licencing to all available channels, including television, radio, consumer products, films, and print media, as well as through Public Performance Licenses (which covers a wide range of shops and establishments, hotels, restaurants, ground events etc.)

The licence agreement covers soundtracks, dialogues, lyrics, screenplays, films, music videos, audio-visual, pictures, film titles, and a variety of other assets for which SEA LORD ENTERTAINMENT owns and controls the copyrights. Any outsider (individual, company, or government entity) who want to use any of material must first get a commercially acceptable licence from SEA LORD ENTERTAINMENT.

Almost all TV channels and radio stations have signed MOUs with the licencing division to utilise SEA LORD ENTERTAINMENTS content for a mutually negotiated licence price. It has also awarded a number of licences for cross-brand, in-film, and other uses of its material by a variety of firms where SEA LORDS content has played a key part in the development of these brands' goods.

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