Diploma in Film Making

🎬 Pursue Your Passion: Earn a Diploma in Film Making with Our Comprehensive Program! 🎓📽️ Are you ready to turn your love for filmmaking into a rewarding career? Take the first step towards realizing your dreams with our intensive Diploma in Film Making program. Led by industry experts and seasoned professionals, our comprehensive diploma program offers a holistic approach to every aspect of the filmmaking process. Whether you're an aspiring director, cinematographer, editor, or sound designer, our curriculum is designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience needed to thrive in the competitive world of cinema.


Course Curriculum

  • Explore the fundamentals of storytelling, scriptwriting, and pre-production planning.
  • Master the technical aspects of camera operation, lighting, and sound recording.
  • Gain proficiency in industry-standard editing software and post-production techniques.
  • Collaborate with fellow students on real-world projects to apply your skills in a practical setting.
  • Receive personalized mentorship and feedback from experienced instructors.

Course Benefits

  • The Comprehensive film acting course program preps students to seek  opportunities in documentaries, ads and theatre.

Qualification of Classes

  • Applicant should have cleared primary school

 Course Duration

  • Full Time: 3 Months
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